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Why Posts?

The posts plugin for October CMS is a self contained publishing platform suitable for all users. Whether you run a single author blog or a multi-national publishing outlet, Posts will work for you.

Posts implements the key features required of modern publishing software and packages them into a user friendly tool that is simple to understand.

Key Features at a Glance

Posts has many valuable features which are detailed here in the form of posts, but here are are a few of the most important.


Posts generates all of the important meta tags for your pages along with opengraph data.

A JSON representation of your post is also generated which enables Google rich snippets for your content.

Automatic Redirects

Posts tracks changes to your category structure and post slugs (URL identifiers) so when changes are made, your links update so you'll never have a dead link. Recategorize and rename your posts at will, everything will still work.

Many Images

Specify separate images for post lists, banners and social media sharing. 

You can even choose different images depending on the visitors screen size so you can make your posts look just right with ease.

Access Control

Administrators can define over 20 separate permissions over and above the standard permissions provided by October CMS for authors and editors, so you can have confidence that any user you allow to access your admin area can do their job without being able to access unauthorized areas and features.

Multi-Format Body

Posts, categories and tags are all content objects which contain a body. A body can be constructed using separate blocks or you can choose to use a simple WYSIWYG or markdown editor.

Whatever you choose, it's really easy to quickly create your content.


Expanding on the translation capabilities of October CMS, posts, categories and tags are all fully translatable. 

You can also define a primary locale for each post so region-specific content is only available where it is relevant.

Posted in Features

Writing graphic

Document Body Options

Posts lets you write in the way you feel most comfortable. Three document body editors are available with more under active development.


RSS Enabled

RSS feeds, despite their waning popularity still provide a great opportunity to get your content seen.

Image drawing

Many Images

Posts ensures that you can cover all of the bases. You can choose separate images for display around your site and on social media platforms.

website wireframe

Variable Layout

Your theme may provide multiple layouts which support displaying posts, categories and tags. You can specify which layout you'd like.

World with speech bubbles


Posts supports translations through the required Rainlab Translate plugin. Furthermore, with posts you can choose to make content available only in specific regions.

Orange padlock

Access Control

In a multi-user environment it's important to ensure that only authorised users can access restricted areas and functions. Posts makes it simple.

Link with arrow

Automatic Redirects

As your site grows, it's natural to form new categories and alter your content. Posts allows you to make changes with freedom. Your inbound links will all remain valid.

SEO with click target for 'o'

SEO as Standard

SEO is hugely important if you want your content to be ranked in Google. That's why Posts makes it a priority.