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Automatic Redirects

As your site grows, it's natural to form new categories and alter your content. Posts allows you to make changes with freedom. Your inbound links will all remain valid.

Category: Features

What can I change?


You can change your slugs (URL identifiers) for posts, categories and tags. 

You can re-categorize posts, add new categories and sub categories.

Whatever you do, you will not need to add manual 301 redirects because Posts knows the correct URL and will match old URLs to the new, correct URL.

No redirect chain is created, so your redirects will take a single hop no matter how many times you make changes.

Any exceptions?

Only One.

If you change a base path (CMS page URL) for your content objects you'll need a single manual catch-all redirect to handle that.

It's still really easy!

Admin screenshot shows redirects interface
Slug tracking to enable redirects