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Document Body Options

Posts lets you write in the way you feel most comfortable. Three document body editors are available with more under active development.

Category: Features

Rich editor (WYSIWYG)

The Froala richeditor is simple and intuitive and allows you to quickly write your content.

Froala richeditor
Froala WYSIWYG editor

Markdown Editor

Markdown is great for formatting so you can create really great looking posts with ease

Markdown editor
Markdown editor

Repeater Block Editor

Posts really sets itself apart with the repeater editor. 

Users can create content in blocks, which can consist of various useful items:

Heading block

Richeditor block

Markdown block

HTML block

CMS content file block

CMS partial block (with variables support)

Image block

Markdown and richeditor blocks can also specify an image to be displayed either above, below, or to the left or right of their content. This makes creating structured posts a breeze. Naturally, you can still insert media as normal within the contained editors.

It's a simple and intuitive, yet extremely powerful way to write content.

Repeater Block editor
Repeater Block editor

When you click to add a new item a menu appears allowing you to select from the available blocks (more will be added)

Add a repeater block
Add a repeater block
A richeditor repeater block
A richeditor repeater block